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cymactive™: An indwelling catheter that mimics natural urination

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Tired of the challenges associated with traditional catheters?

Traditional catheters come with known difficulties. It doesn’t need to be this way...
Reduced quality of life
Traditional catheters can negatively affect a patient's quality of life. This is due to the use of drainage bags with Foley catheters, or the need to self-catheterise 6-8 times per day with intermittent catheters.
Increased risk of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
Catheters are highly susceptible to infections and UTIs are a major issue with both short-term and long-term catheter use.¹
Decrease in bladder health
Foley catheters continuously drain urine, preventing the natural expansion and contraction of the bladder, which normally occurs during urination. This can result in the loss of bladder function due to the weakening of the bladder muscles through inactivity.
Negative impact on the environment
Single-use plastic waste from Foley and intermittent catheters have a significant impact on the environment. Intermittent catheters alone lead to 206 million liters of waste annually.²

cymactive™ has been designed with the patient in mind to provide a better solution

Improve patient quality of life

cymactive™ allows patients to manage the voiding process* by closely mimicking natural urination and removes the need for a drainage bag or frequent self-catheterisation.

Minimise the causes of UTIs

cymactive™ works with urethra's natural barrier against infection to minimise the causes of UTIs, thereby reducing the pain, discomfort and unplanned hospital visits they cause annually.

Promote natural bladder function

cymactive™ is designed to facilitate the natural filling and voiding of the bladder to maintain bladder function.

Reduce environmental waste

cymactive™ can remain in-situ for up to 30 days.³ This reduces plastic waste from catheters and drainage bags, decreasing the impact cymactive™ has on the environment compared to traditional catheters.

How cymactive™ works

cymactive™ introduces a new approach to indwelling catheters, designed to remain securely in-situ for up to 30 days.³

Our patented UroValve™ uses an external magnet to activate a valve on the catheter within the urethra allowing the natural and complete emptying of the bladder at the patient's convenience.

Entirely internal, cymactive™ is discreet with only two slender removal threads extending from the penis.

This design combines the stability of a Foley catheter with the autonomy and bladder function of an intermittent catheter.

“I hope it will make life healthier and easier for many”

Our original inventor, Phil Davis, a MIT-trained engineer, faced a life-changing challenge following a holiday accident that resulted in paralysis and the need for frequent catheterisation.

Frustrated by the limitations of existing options, he was driven to create a better solution. Using his engineering background, he created the first UroValve-based catheter, a pioneering catheter design intended to offer a superior quality of life for patients.

Take back control of urinary retention

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* Non-neurogenic patients –manual dexterity is required for independent management of voiding.
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