LONDON, UK – 28 March, 2022 – Ingenion Medical Limited, today, announces that with its co-applicant, the East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT), the UK NIHR’s i4i Connect programme has awarded £149,950 in grant funding to support the development of a new device that will be designed to address chronic severe male incontinence.

The funding will be used over the next 12 months to evaluate and test a range of potential solutions that are embodied in its 2018 patent filing and incorporate design criteria gathered from clinicians and patients to develop a novel device, the CymActive™ SealSoft bladder management system.

Ingenion’s CEO Edward Cappabianca said, “Currently available solutions for men who live with severe chronic incontinence are uncomfortable, inconvenient and dehumanising, including Foley-type catheters, and absorbent pads to manage severe incontinence.  Our approach is to re-design our current CymActive SoftValve device that addresses urinary retention so that men with chronic severe incontinence can control their own urination, without surgery or drugs..”

The device will be designed to work with the body’s natural defences and is expected to provide patients with a solution that is expected to reduce the incidence of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs), a significant contributor to hospital acquired infections and patient mortality.

Dr Richard Smith, Clinical Director of Research at ESNEFT added, “Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are associated with urinary catheter usage. This represents a significant issue for the Trust, and the NHS as a whole. We believe that this project will produce advancements in medical devices for patients that could lead to the reduction in the incidence of infection, therefore improving the quality of care we can provide to our patients within ESNEFT, as well as for the NHS more broadly.”

Dr Sergio Rothstein, Interim Chairman, “This is the third UK government grant that Ingenion Medical has received, and our first from the NIHR.  Validation and financial support from organisations such as the UK NIHR highlights the innovative nature of our approach, and will help the company accelerate our product development plans.”

About Ingenion Medical Limited:

Privately held, UK-based Ingenion Medical Limited develops, manufactures, and commercializes a family of products for chronic urinary retention and incontinence patients. CymActive™, its lead product, is a novel urinary catheter which can remain in-dwelling for up to 30 days, a dramatic quality of life improvement versus legacy solutions that often requiring multiple catheters in a single day, a common cause of infection. Visit us at:


East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) is an integrated Acute and Com munity Trust serving almost one million residents, including Ipswich and Colchester hospitals and community services in east Suffolk and north east Essex.  We are the largest NHS organisation in East Anglia. Our Trust strategy prioritises excellence in research and innovation, with strong support at Board level.  As a combined Acute and Community Trust we offer opportunities to participate in research for the people living in Colchester, Ipswich and the surrounding areas.

About NIHR i4i Connect:

The Invention for Innovation (i4i) programme is a translational research funding scheme aimed at de-risking early-to-late stage medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and high-impact patient-focused digital health technologies for ultimate NHS use.  We fund projects that have demonstrated proof-of-concept and have a clear pathway towards adoption and commercialisation.

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